Do you need a Makeup Primer?

  Do I Need to Use a Makeup Primer?   You’ve heard about makeup primers – what are they and do you need one? What is a Makeup Primer? Basically, a primer helps your makeup to last longer, and provides a smoother surface for the makeup to go on, giving you a smoother, more even coverage Foundation Primer Foundation Primer is usually a facial cream –

What Do Your Colours Say About You?

What do your colours say about you?

What Do Your Colours Say About You? I truly believe that colours invoke feelings. There are certain colours I really have to be ‘in the mood’ to wear, and colours that I wear for specific occasions to empower or encourage certain feelings. Take red – I like red, and a nice blue based red actually looks nice on me. But if I’m not having a great

12 season colour analysis

TONAL WARDROBE WALLETS sale! If you’ve ever had your colours done and been diagnosed under the 12 season colour analysis system, these are the wardrobe wallets for you!   •48 fabric swatches in an elegant slimline wallet •6 swatches on 8 sides of 4 cards •the 4 cards fold concertina style •designed to fit into a handbag or briefcase •Each wallet includes 4 sides of text

Your best colours – SUMMER

makeup colours for Summers

    Are you a SUMMER? Not sure what makeup colours to wear? Here are the best colours for your Season Not sure of your Season? Enter your details at the top of the page and get your FREE guide to find out your Colour Season As a Summer, you are cool toned, so you need to wear cool toned makeup to compliment your colouring. Warm

How to Use a Colour Swatch

wholesale wardrobe wallets

How to Use a Colour Swatch Once you know your Season your wardrobe wallet is your most valuable shopping tool! It contains colours that look good on you, all contained in a wallet that fits in your bag. The brain cannot retain all the shades and hues that suit your season – colour is visual and you need to see it. The idea is to keep

How to Find the Right Red for Your Colouring

Find the right RED for Your Colouring

How to Find the Right Red for Your Colouring     I used to think I can’t wear red. My school uniform included a red jumper that made me look positively ill. So when I had a choice, red was never a part of my wardrobe or makeup! Until I discovered Colour Analysis and learned that I can wear some reds – just not that

10 ways to Add a Splash of Colour to Your Outfit

how to add some color to your wardrobe

10 ways to Add a Splash of Colour to Your Outfit If you are not used to wearing colour you may not be totally comfortable with it, even if you know your best colours.* However, if you are wanting to add some colour without going over the top here are some tips on adding colour to your outfits:   Add some bold Jewellery A colourful

Help! I’m Wearing the Wrong Colour!

what colours suit me - what to do when you are wearing the wrong colour

Help! I’m wearing the wrong COLOUR! We all have those days where there seems to be nothing to wear and we have to make do with something less than perfect. I had one of those days today. I had a clothing mishap (caused by a chicken) and had to get changed in a hurry. My washing machine is broken and I am at the dregs

How to tell if you are Warm or Cool toned

Am I warm or cool?

How to tell if you are Warm or Cool toned Sometimes it’s blatantly obvious that you are either warm or cool toned; with some people though, it can be harder to differentiate. For those of you who are not sure whether you are warm or cool I put together this image highlighting the differences between warm and cool:         If you’re still

Why does my skin look different in Winter?

Best mineral foundation

Why Does Your Skin Colour Change at Different Times of the Year? Does your skin look different with the change of Season (I’m talking weather here)? Mine sure does – in the Summer months I look in the mirror and my skin looks not too bad: I often go without Foundation or at the most a light dusting of Mineral Foundation or Bronzer But as the weather gets cooler

Choosing a Handbag Colour to Suit Your Season

choose a handbag colour to suit you

Choosing your HANDBAG colour to suit Your Colour Season It’s one accessory we can’t live without. Some have many, others just one or two. If you can find a handbag in your Season’s colour palette that fits with your lifestyle you’ve hit paydirt! So – which colour handbag will suit your colouring and your wardrobe? WINTER You can’t go wrong with every day black, or charcoal

You Can Wear Any Colour – I’ts the Shade that counts!

which colour suits me best?

Did you know that you can wear most colours? It’s not so much the colour that matters, it’s the intensity and the tone. As an example, you have a red top that you love, it looks great and you look fabulous in it. Your skin glows, your eyes sparkle and you look alive! So, you go and buy another red top. But when you go to wear

What Colours suit you – Are you WARM or are You COOL?

Warm colouring, skin tones and hair

Are You WARM or Are You COOL? Sometimes it’s blatantly obvious if your a cool or warm toned, but for some people it can be a bit trickier. I have put together this little cheat sheet to help you: Which features apply to you more? IF:   Your hair is red, golden or reddish brown, auburn, strawberry blonde or black with gold or red undertones  

10 quick tips about Colour S


10 quick tips about Colour 1. Experiment with colours you would not normally try. 2. Break the rules – even if it’s not in your Seasonal palette but you love and it makes you feel good – go for it! 3. Consider the lighting where you will be spending your time – a colour can change dramatically from daylight or home to the office. 4.

Monochrome Aubergine outfit

how to dress monochrome, colour analysis training

If you’re someone who tends to stick to neutrals but wants to rev it up a bit, go monochrome! HOW TO DO MONOCHROME: Basically, you choose a single colour and add various versions of it. Vary the shades and tones, mix it up. If you want, add some neutrals or a pop of colour like the pink bag in the example below. Give it a

The effects of Colour

Why does Colour matter? Colour has a huge effect on how we look and how we feel. When we wear the colours that harmonize with our natural tones we look alive and energized; our skin glows, eyes shine brighter and we feel more confident. Wearing colours that clash with our natural tones drains colour away from the face, making us look tired and washed out, highlighting our wrinkles and

The best shades for your Season

A Shade For All Seasons Is there a colour you love but it doesn’t look good on you?   Here’s the deal: Everyone can wear a version of most colours – it’s the shade and tone of the colour that counts! Here is a list of some of the best shades for your season: PINK: Winter – Raspberry, hot pink, magenta, icy pink Summer –

Colour Consultant Training

Colour Consultant online course

 Training with Colour Me Beautiful Australia Our online Colour courses are designed to offer women and men around the world the opportunity to train as Colour Consultants. Our Course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to start your own Colour Analysis business. Colour Me Beautiful Australia is committed to offering valuable comprehensive and up-to-date training. Whether you want to turn your new Colour Analysis skills into an exciting and profitable business

5 questions to ask to tell if you are wearing your best Colours

  1. how does it look in the mirror?  If you see: bags or dark circles under your eyes fine lines and wrinkles blemishes tiredness then the colours you are wearing are not your best! If you see: bright eyes even skin tone healthy, glowing complexion it makes you feel good then you are onto something, these colours are good for you!    2. How