Make Your Own Body Scrub Using Ingredients From Your Kitchen

Make Your Own Beauty Products

Make Your Own Body Scrub Using Ingredients From Your Kitchen Today I combined two of my favourite things to do: Creating natural skincare products and making/editing videos. I made a simple body polish that you can make yourself using ingredients from your own kitchen.   All you need is: Carrier Oil – I used olive, but you can use any oil such as coconut, macadamia or

DIY All Purpose Cleaner Using Ingredients In Your Cupboard

I like to get the kids to help with the cleaning as much as I can and at the moment they want money so they’re always asking more jobs. (At what works out to be around $1.00 an hour who needs to hire cleaners? hehe) I’m not keen on them handling the chemical products so I give them my home made all purpose cleaner which

Make Your Own Calendula and Coconut Soothing balm

DIY Calendula and Coconut Soothing balm     My lovely mum gave me some hair removal cream to try – within seconds of rinsing it off my skin was burning! It actually removed a layer of my skin, ouch!  🙁 The only things I could tolerate on it were a cold compress and coconut oil. Anything else – even splashing water or milk on it