Belt Up – The How, Why and Where of Wearing Belts

The how what why and where of wearing belts. belts from kmart au

Belt Up – The How, Why and Where of Wearing Belts  Why Wear a Belt? 5 reasons to wear a belt – apart from holding up your pants: Belts can help define your waist Belts can help divert the eye from problem areas Belts can add detail and interest to an outfit You can add an accent colour and contrast using a belt Belts can add fun

Love Your Look – Free 7 day Style Challenge

love your look

Take the 7 Day Style Challenge and start to Love Your Look! What is the Love Your Look Style Challenge? Every day for 7 days you’ll get a bite sized style snippet straight to your inbox. Easy tips that you can follow to start Lovin’ Your Look everyday!  Nothing too complicated – you won’t even need to buy anything new – most of what you

ACCESSORISING: Adding the finishing touches to an outfit

ACCESSORISING: Adding the finishing touches to an outfit Accessories can make an outfit, we can use them strategically to draw attention away from our not so perfect bits or to lift an outfit from blah to wow. We use accessories to add individuality and style. Accessories are all the little extras we add, including: ·        Jewellery – earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, anklets, rings, watches ·       

Dressing to Suit Your Body Shape

styling body shapes

Dressing to Suit Your Body Shape Do you know the styles that flatter your body shape? Every person has a unique body shape and it can change throughout our lives due to weight loss or gain, pregnancy, menopause, age and other factors. There are 5 basic body shapes Round, Triangle, Inverted triangle, Rectangle and Hourglass. When working with our body shape the main aim is to


layering clothes

How to Master the Art of Layering Clothes You know sometimes when you get dressed and you like the clothes you are wearing but it feels a bit blah? Like something is missing? For me, my staple outfit at this time of the year (Winter at the time of writing) is a long sleeved tee and jeans with boots. Sounds easy, right? Find a top you like,

Making the most of you!

makeing the most of your assets

The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you ~Chanel I believe all women deserve to feel confident and beautiful every day. The media, negative people, and our own self talk get together and eat away at our self image, making us feel less confident about our appearance. That sucks! It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not just

10 Ways to Dress for a Slimmer you

10 Ways to Dress for a Slimmer you Just because you feel you have a bit of weight to lose doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel fabulous! So let’s stop the negative self talk, you don’t need to put off looking good until you go down a dress size or lose weight around the tummy, hips or wherever it is!   In my very

Wardrobe Checklist – Free download

WARDROBE CHECKLIST Wardrobe Checklist – Free download Is it time for a wardrobe declutter? Are you planning on hitting the sales – and possibly cluttering up your wardrobe even more? The trick is – only buy what you need to fill the gaps in your wardrobe. Yes, that maxi dress is nice and it’s on sale – but you already have ten! Think about your

Create Your Own Wardrobe Capsule and take the stress out of getting dressed!

Create Your Own Wardrobe Capsule and take the stress out of getting dressed!

Create Your Own Wardrobe Capsule and take the stress out of getting dressed!   Imagine a wardrobe where everything in it goes together – every morning being able to pull together an outfit quickly without too much thought or stress! You CAN have this – all you need are a few key pieces to start with. Watch the video and learn how to create a

Six Tips for Choosing Glasses to Suit Your Face

6 Tips for Choosing Glasses to suit your Face

If you wear glasses you will be familiar with that feeling of confusion as you stand in front of an entire wall full of frames. What colour? What shape? Does this look ok? Sometimes the assistants are helpful, some are simply inflicting their own tastes onto you. It doesn’t need to be that hard! Read through my tips before you choose your next set of

A Blog about Boobs and Bras

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  This is a blog post for big boobed women. No offence fried egg ladies but you won’t understand – I mean that in the nicest way 🙂 Right, ladies. You might have clothes in your wardrobe that make you look a bit ‘frumpy’.  They fit you fine, but when you put them on you feel either fat, under dressed or self conscious. The good

Spring Wardrobe capsule – make your mornings stress free

spring wardrobe capsule

 How to Create a Wardrobe Capsule Spring is finally here! We Melbournites are very happy to see you, Sunshine! Well a little bit of sunshine anyway, let’s not get too carried away 🙂 However, feeling that little bit of sun on my skin and digging out my short sleeved tops makes me certain of one thing: IT’S TIME TO SHOP! I am so over my

What People Think of You is None of Your Business

how to stop worrying about what other people think of you

What People Think of You is None of Your Business Do you worry about what people think? Years ago I attended a college class with “Magic Silver Rose” pink streaks in my hair and copped the comment, “oh, is the circus in town?” – from a classmate  who never normally even spoke to me.          It was said in a mean way, not a jokey

Do your clothes have the Feel Good Factor?


Do your clothes have the Feel Good Factor? If not, maybe it’s time for a wardrobe overhaul – you deserve to feel good! Clothes with the FEEL GOOD FACTOR: you put them on and feel fab, walk with your head held high and shoulders back you can’t help smiling you wear them when you need that extra confidence boost you wish you could wear them every

Why You need a wardrobe audit

 Why You need a wardrobe audit   It’s hard to let go of that floral dress you wore when you were 16 back in the 90s (or 80s like me!) But if you haven’t been through your wardrobe in a long time it’s probably in a state of chaos and and an emergency intervention is needed! I know you don’t have the time, you’ll get around

10 Coats for plus sized women

plus size coat

Brrrr! We’ve had a nice lot of chilly weather and rain here in Melbourne. Definitely time to light the fire and pop on a snug Winter coat! I put together a collage of 10 fabulous Winter coats specially for ladies size 16 + What do you think?   What makes them so flattering? They each have a few features in common: Belted in the middle –