Tips for Choosing Your Branding Colours

Tips for Choosing Your Branding Colours Tip #1 Think about what kind of a feel you want for your branding. Do you want kick arse bold, romantic, subdued, classy or elegant? Tip #2 Look for some pictures to convey the feeling you want. Home decoration magazines are a great source of colour inspiration! Tip #3 Search the Google or Pinterest for images. I tend to search for palettes

Your best colours – SUMMER

makeup colours for Summers

    Are you a SUMMER? Not sure what makeup colours to wear? Here are the best colours for your Season Not sure of your Season? Enter your details at the top of the page and get your FREE guide to find out your Colour Season As a Summer, you are cool toned, so you need to wear cool toned makeup to compliment your colouring. Warm

How to Say NO!

How to say NO

 How to say NO: Tips for saying NO nicely Have you ever been in a situation where someone  asks you to do something you don’t want to but you say yes anyway? Your mother in law want to come and stay for a month, you’ve been invited to an event you really don’t want to go to, a friend wants to borrow your favourite dress…..

5 Empowering Songs to Listen to With Your Daughter

5 Empowering Songs to Listen to With Your Daughter

I have seen music clips aimed at young girls and I am shocked and disappointed in the sexualisation of young girls and misogynistic attitudes portrayed. I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking this is ok. Because it’s not. I can’t change the culture and I can’t control what she sees as she gets older. But I can show her the alternative. That is, you are

Your Season

To find your Colour Season go to: and get your free colour guide!