Belt Up – The How, Why and Where of Wearing Belts

The how what why and where of wearing belts. belts from kmart au

Belt Up – The How, Why and Where of Wearing Belts  Why Wear a Belt? 5 reasons to wear a belt – apart from holding up your pants: Belts can help define your waist Belts can help divert the eye from problem areas Belts can add detail and interest to an outfit You can add an accent colour and contrast using a belt Belts can add fun

Love Your Look – Free 7 day Style Challenge

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Take the 7 Day Style Challenge and start to Love Your Look! What is the Love Your Look Style Challenge? Every day for 7 days you’ll get a bite sized style snippet straight to your inbox. Easy tips that you can follow to start Lovin’ Your Look everyday!  Nothing too complicated – you won’t even need to buy anything new – most of what you

ACCESSORISING: Adding the finishing touches to an outfit

ACCESSORISING: Adding the finishing touches to an outfit Accessories can make an outfit, we can use them strategically to draw attention away from our not so perfect bits or to lift an outfit from blah to wow. We use accessories to add individuality and style. Accessories are all the little extras we add, including: ·        Jewellery – earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, anklets, rings, watches ·       

What Are AHAs and Should I be using them?

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 AHAs – What Are AHAs and Should I be using them? AHAs, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids are actually molecules found in fruit and milk.  Normal Facial scrubs exfoliate your skin using little particles you can feel with your fingers. In AHA skincare products you can’t feel the exfoliating bits but they sure are there. AHAs are generally more effective than traditional exfoliating products, resulting in softer

Ways to Get Beautiful with kids around

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Ways to get beautiful with kids around Do you feel like you never get time for you anymore?   Beauty salons often become a thing of the past when we have children – the time, babysitting and extra expense can make it all seem too hard. But it’s sooo important to sneak in little feel good snippets over the day. If it makes you feel

Dressing to Suit Your Body Shape

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Dressing to Suit Your Body Shape Do you know the styles that flatter your body shape? Every person has a unique body shape and it can change throughout our lives due to weight loss or gain, pregnancy, menopause, age and other factors. There are 5 basic body shapes Round, Triangle, Inverted triangle, Rectangle and Hourglass. When working with our body shape the main aim is to


layering clothes

How to Master the Art of Layering Clothes You know sometimes when you get dressed and you like the clothes you are wearing but it feels a bit blah? Like something is missing? For me, my staple outfit at this time of the year (Winter at the time of writing) is a long sleeved tee and jeans with boots. Sounds easy, right? Find a top you like,

Do you need a Makeup Primer?

  Do I Need to Use a Makeup Primer?   You’ve heard about makeup primers – what are they and do you need one? What is a Makeup Primer? Basically, a primer helps your makeup to last longer, and provides a smoother surface for the makeup to go on, giving you a smoother, more even coverage Foundation Primer Foundation Primer is usually a facial cream –

What Do Your Colours Say About You?

What do your colours say about you?

What Do Your Colours Say About You? I truly believe that colours invoke feelings. There are certain colours I really have to be ‘in the mood’ to wear, and colours that I wear for specific occasions to empower or encourage certain feelings. Take red – I like red, and a nice blue based red actually looks nice on me. But if I’m not having a great

Getting started in the nail business

getting started in the nail business

Starting your Business as a Nail technician My first journey into the world of self employment was pretty daunting. I set up my manicure table at the front of a hairdressing salon, in the window – like I was on show! I didn’t know the owners of the salon, I didn’t have any clients and I had just quit my bank job. SCARY! I was