Ways to Get Beautiful with kids around

Ways to get beautiful with kids around

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Do you feel like you never get time for you anymore?


Beauty salons often become a thing of the past when we have children – the time, babysitting and extra expense can make it all seem too hard.

But it’s sooo important to sneak in little feel good snippets over the day. If it makes you feel good it makes you happy and more fun to be around 🙂


I find it hard to sit still, I like to be doing something and I got to thinking about how I could use these moments to fit in little things that I never have the time for.

Those things that make one feel good and fill up your self care cup!

Here are a few ways to feel beautiful with children around:

  • There is a lot of waiting when you have children – Waiting in queues, in the car at school pick up, at sports events, swimming lessons, I often wait at the front door while they do a last minute dash to the toilet, to get a toy or some other important kid thing……..


  • There are certain things it is worth keeping handy in your bag/the car/near the front door nail files, hand cream, lip balm etc so you can apply quickly in that 40 seconds of waiting.


  • While playing with kids (at home) you could be giving yourself a mini facial. While you are playing Go fish with your kids your face masque could be making you gorgeous.


  • Get the kids involved – my kids love having their finger and toenails painted, getting and giving a hand massage.


  • That Footspa you got for Christmas? Here’s an idea: Use it! Make it an activity with the kids, even if you get to relax for 10 minutes soaking your feet in some gorgeous scented water it will be worth it. Bonus: The kids will want to have a turn, try adding bubbles and some small toys – keep them occupied for hours while they cool down!


  • My daughter loves to paint my nails too – don’t expect it to be perfect 😉 I often get her to paint my toenails and I do hers. Don’t stress it you get nail polish on your skin – the oils in your skin will ultimately reject the polish and it will come off in a few hours.


  • Watching a movie is an opportunity: My kids enjoy, actually love massaging my feet and legs while they watch a dvd – sometimes they even fight over who gets to massage mummy!
  • While waiting at sports, swimming lessons: Try putting your phone down: You can apply your hand cream; file/paint your nails, even just sit and be still – how often do you get to do that?


  • If all else fails another option: Get a babysitter and head off to the salon – you deserve it!

Remember, if your cup is full with the Feel Good Factor you will be more relaxed and a happier mum 🙂

What else can we add to the list?

Share your ideas in the comments below or on the Facebook page

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